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Certified Business Professional Qualification (CBP)

CBP qualifications are awarded by the International Business Training Association (IBTA) Headquartered in Florida, USA. IBTA provides the fastest development or expansion in the certification of the skills and knowledge of business. IBTA was created to meet human demands of the global economy. Today, certifications in "Certified business professional (CBP)" IBTA have expanded rapidly by training of fundamental knowledge of business professionals. It is also recognized for having partners in the United States, Canada, Asia, Middle East, Australia, Latin America and the Caribbean. Qatar Skills Academy is an Authorized Training Provider (ATP) by IBTA in Qatar.

About CBP

The Certified Business Professional is an international industry credentials that validates and develops the business professional. A typical candidate is a professional who is in pursuit of excellence and is committed to exceeding all standards of the business professional. CBP program establishes a basic level certification for professionals in any industry which allows employers and candidates have a platform to develop the CBP in key positions in corporations. CBP also develops important useful skills that transcend the work environment into many aspects of everyday life. The workshops, lectures, simulations and hand sessions provide the training and learning environment to maximize the potential of a candidate. The certification exam measures the skills and knowledge acquired in the program.

The program was developed at industrial level with platforms interagency analysis and consultation with key industry representatives to ensure the program's effectiveness and applicability. This ensures that the candidate is exposed to functional business tasks and get practical exposure to the work environment.

The Value of CBP Certification

Most jobs have a set of core technology and business components that require a professional to develop the skills of computing and enterprise technology. As many professionals pursue their careers in the work area, it is necessary to differentiate between "ordinary person looking for work" and "a certified professional."

The CBP certification provides this differentiator by certifying professional who can demonstrate a range of skills specific. Candidates who demonstrate entrepreneurial and technical skills with a widely recognized certification are on their way to excellence and professional development.

The industry standards, business ethics and certification of professionals become critical to ensure that they reach optimal performance standards in the work area. CBP certification is the only one that combines computing and business skills in a single certification.

Benefits of CBP Certification for Companies

  • Establishes best practices
  • Access to a network of experts on the subject in the global industry
  • Adds credibility with the rigor and examination system certification
  • A simple and reliable program that can be integrated into the recruitment and staffing
  • Increases skilled personnel with reduced training costs
  • Increases production and performance levels
  • Greater customer satisfaction

Benefits of CBP Certification for a Professional

  • Confirms knowledge of working with business skills and technology
  • Sets differentiator racing, with teamwork and greater credibility
  • Expands the expectations of credentials
  • Professional achievement test sample
  • It increases the chance of being hired
  • It provides the business foundations to exert additional corporate careers

Who Should Get a CBP Certification?

CBP certification is important for all types of professional, from a person who changes careers, business professionals, a person being reintegrated into the workforce. For a person who changes careers, CBP is an excellent way to enter the work market because the curriculum covers basic business and technology skills. CBP covers industry standards and leading technologies productivity. People who change careers are not limited by the knowledge of a single business area.

For business professionals, CBP certification demonstrates knowledge of business standards, best practices and key business skills and employment eligibility.

For experienced professionals: If a business professional with experience is a widely recognized certification, he can obtain certification to show current or potential employers the skills and expertise.