Course Overview

An innovative highway industry provides a major market for the use of ‘waste’ resources, at the same time minimizing the need for ‘natural’ resources. Selected waste streams and industrial by-products, formerly bound for a landfill, are more frequently finding a route into sustainable highway design and maintenance. Asphalt pavements, concrete, base courses and embankments increasingly have incorporated ‘waste’ resources instead of raw materials. Reclaimed concrete and asphalt, scrap tires, plastics, steel slag, roofing shingles, coal fly ash, and composted municipal organic wastes are proven, cost effective, and high-efficiency materials with broad applicability in roadway construction. Other environmentally sustainable actions beyond mere building materials include right-of-way management, the reuse of organic materials from cleaning and grubbing operations, deconstruction of buildings removed from rights-of-way, minimal right-of-way footprints.

Course Objectives

The objectives of this program can be summarized in the following main points:

Ìø‰Û_å¤ Enhancing the skills of road construction engineers in their field

Ìø‰Û_å¤ Introduction to road construction materials

Ìø‰Û_å¤ Determination of engineering properties of road materials

Ìø‰Û_å¤ Quality control and quality assurance in road construction

Course Content

Module (01) Introduction to Road Construction Materials 

Ìø‰Û_å¤ The used materials for road embankment

Ìø‰Û_å¤ Road pavement (gravel roads, surface dressed roads, paved roads, etc)

Ìø‰Û_å¤ Material properties

Ìø‰Û_å¤ Soil and subbase: 

Ìø‰Û_å¤ Base Standard tests 

Ìø‰Û_å¤ Bitumen material:

Ìø‰Û_å¤ Ashalt cement

Ìø‰Û_å¤ Cut back asphalt

Ìø‰Û_å¤ Emulsified asphalt

Ìø‰Û_å¤ Asphalt mixtures: types of asphalt mixtures

Ìø‰Û_å¤ Hot mix asphalt concrete

Ìø‰Û_å¤ Worm mix asphalt concrete

Ìø‰Û_å¤ Cold mix asphalt concrete

Module (02) Components and Method of Manufacturing and Properties Mix

Ìø‰Û_å¤ Design of Asphalt concrete mixture:

Ìø‰Û_å¤ Testing of materials used in the asphalt mix (course aggregate, fine aggregate, mineral filler, binder etc)

Ìø‰Û_å¤ Specification requirements

Ìø‰Û_å¤ Blinding of aggregate

Ìø‰Û_å¤ Graduation of blinded aggregates

Ìø‰Û_å¤ Marshal method for design of asphalt mixtures; volumetric relationships, optimum bitumen content, tolerance, job mix formula.

Module (03) Quality Control and Quality Assurance in Road Construction

Ìø‰Û_å¤ Selecting of materials sources

Ìø‰Û_å¤ Testing of materials

Ìø‰Û_å¤ Inspection of the executed work

Ìø‰Û_å¤ Testing the executed work

Ìø‰Û_å¤ Filling the test result for quality assurance process

Module (04) Quality Assurance in Road Construction Processes 

Ìø‰Û_å¤ Road construction technology

Ìø‰Û_å¤ Introduction to the new technologies in road construction

Ìø‰Û_å¤ New equipments, new techniques used in road construction