Course Overview

A comprehensive untraditional course in wastewater treatment that includes all subjects related to municipal and industrial wastewater treatment and management. Topics include preliminary treatment devices, primary treatment devices, biological treatment process as well as standards, rules and regulations. 

This course also covers modes of operation, process control testing, operating strategies and troubleshooting of the activated sludge process, trickling filter systems, stabilization ponds, and sludge management.

Course Objectives

This course is designed to qualify wastewater treatment staff to design the treatment units, operate, and manage treatment process. At the completion of this course, the participant will be able to identify sources and characteristics of wastewater, have a good knowledge about Physical, Chemical, and Biological Treatment of Wastewater. 

Course will focus on modern treatment technology, water reuse and regulations. The participant will be qualified to choose the best method of treatment for each waste and how to deal effectively with troubleshoots and operating problems in wastewater treatment plants.

Who Should Attend

This training course is prepared to provide the trainee with scientific and professional knowledge about wastewater treatment, so all Engineers and Highly Qualified Operators and Technicians who interest in this field should attend this course. Trainees come from a wide variety sectors such as the Ministries, Industries, Companies, Universities. Specifically Environmental, Chemical, Civil, and Industrial Engineers.

Course Content

Module (01) Sources and Quantities of Wastewater

1.1 Sources

1.2 Flow Quantities

1.3 Measurements and Unites

Module (02) Characteristics of Wastewater

2.1 Physical Characteristics

2.2   Chemical Characteristics

2.3 Biological Characteristics

2.4 Role of Microorganisms in Treatment

Module (03) Preliminary treatment of wastewater:

3.1 Equalization

3.2 Screens

3.3 Flotation

3.4 Pre-aeration

3.5 Grit Removal

3.6 Grease Removal

Module (04) Primary Treatment: 

4.1 Fundamental of Sedimentation Process

4.2 Design Parameters   

4.3 Coagulation & Flocculation

Module (05) Secondary Treatment: 

5.1 Activated Sludge Method





5.1.5Control Parameters


5.2 Trickling Filter





5.2.5Control Parameters



5.3 Stabilization Ponds Method





5.3.5Control Parameters


Module (06) Tertiary Treatment

6.1 PH. Control

6.2 Disinfection 

6.3 Nitrogen Removal 

6.4 Phosphorus Removal

Module (07) Water Reuse

7.1 Required Quality

7.2 Standards and Regulations

7.3 Applications in Many Countries

Module (08): Sludge Management

8.1 Generation

8.2 Dewatering methods

8.3 Treatment methods

8.4 Reuse

Module (09): Industrial wastewater treatment:

9.1 Prevention Strategy

9.2 Chemical Precipitation

9.3 Ion Exchange

9.4 Adsorption

9.4 Filtration

9.4 Applied Biological Treatment in Industry

Module (10) Modern Technologies in Wastewater Treatment. 

10.1 SBR

10.2 Membrane

10.3 Removable Bed