Course Overview

The CBP Business Improvement Series-Secrets of Management Success course will increase your knowledge and ability to:

Develop responsible good decision-making skills for employees, encourage a positive climate and decrease power struggles and ego fights. Implement a flexible model for helping employees handle their own problems, and use “Accountable moments” as opportunities for employees. Develop fairness, flexible and supportive counseling to employees.

Who Should Attend

This course is recommended for human resources personnel, business leaders, senior executives, managers, supervisors, and front-line workers.


Course Content

Chapter One: New Work Environment

Ìø‰Û_å¤ Introduction

Ìø‰Û_å¤ What’s the difference

Ìø‰Û_å¤ Is work the new family

Ìø‰Û_å¤ The nature of the job

Chapter Two: Supervisory Styles

Ìø‰Û_å¤ What’s your supervisory Style

Ìø‰Û_å¤ Foundation Skills

Ìø‰Û_å¤ Showing Empathy

Chapter Three: The Model For Keeping Responsibility Where it Belongs

Ìø‰Û_å¤ Model Overview

Ìø‰Û_å¤ Manager empowers employee

Ìø‰Û_å¤ Avoid artificial empowerment

Ìø‰Û_å¤ Employee owns the task/problem

Ìø‰Û_å¤ Manager supports but doesn’t solve

Ìø‰Û_å¤ Employee learns from the task/problem

Chapter Four: Applying the Model to Behavior and Performance Problems

Ìø‰Û_å¤ Case Studies

Chapter Five: Counseling and Mentoring

Ìø‰Û_å¤ Counseling for performance improvement

Ìø‰Û_å¤ Set limits on confidential conversations

Ìø‰Û_å¤ Create a fair, flexible and supportive work environment

Ìø‰Û_å¤ Your job as a mentor

Ìø‰Û_å¤ Roles of change leaders