Course Overview

The CBP Business Improvement Series-Conflict Management course will increase your knowledge and ability to:

Understand the two basic types of conflict and reasons as they occur, and recognize the four typical approaches to conflict. Implement the basic steps of conflict resolution, practice communication skills to minimize and even prevent conflict. Employ strategies for responding to challenging people such as; dealing with an extremely angry person or someone who will not acknowledge the conflict. Be able to handle specific situations including dealing with your boss, client, or another department.

Who Should Attend

This course is recommended for human resources personnel, business leaders, senior executives, managers, supervisors, and front-line workers.

Course Content

Chapter One: Understanding Conflict

Ìø‰Û_å¤ Objectives


Ìø‰Û_å¤Reasons for conflict

Ìø‰Û_å¤Two types of conflict

Ìø‰Û_å¤Rational versus emotional orientation

Ìø‰Û_å¤Detached engagement

Chapter Two: The Basic Steps of Conflict Resolution


Ìø‰Û_å¤Four typical approaches to conflict

Ìø‰Û_å¤The ABCD’s of conflict resolution

Ìø‰Û_å¤Getting buy-in


Ìø‰Û_å¤Do it

Chapter Three: Listening Skills


Ìø‰Û_å¤How to listen effectively

Ìø‰Û_å¤Obstacles to listening

Ìø‰Û_å¤Asking questions

Ìø‰Û_å¤Assess your listening skills

Ìø‰Û_å¤Listening practice

Chapter Four: Communication Skills That Support Conflict Resolution


Ìø‰Û_å¤Establish credibility and trust

Ìø‰Û_å¤Communicating feelings

Ìø‰Û_å¤Confrontational language

Ìø‰Û_å¤The escalation process

Ìø‰Û_å¤Positive language

Chapter Five:  Handling Challenging Personalities


Ìø‰Û_å¤Conflict denial

Ìø‰Û_å¤Uncooperative person

Ìø‰Û_å¤Angry hothead

Ìø‰Û_å¤Confronting when intimidated

Ìø‰Û_å¤Dealing with defeat

Ìø‰Û_å¤Challenging personality practice

Chapter Six: Handling Specific Situations


Ìø‰Û_å¤Dealing with your boss or upper management

Ìø‰Û_å¤Dealing with a co-worker or peer

Ìø‰Û_å¤Dealing with team conflict

Ìø‰Û_å¤Dealing with an employee you supervise

Ìø‰Û_å¤Dealing with a customer or client

Ìø‰Û_å¤ Case studies