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Delivery Methodology

QSA’s programmes are delivered in an interactive manner ensuring that the classroom trainings are both fun and useful for participants. There is a strong focus on practical examples and case studies to meet specific goal oriented learning outcomes. The programmes can be delivered both live along with online computer based learning or even using a blended learning approach. We also offer post-training programme support through interactive coaching and work based assignments.

Customisation Methodology

Customised Programmes

QSA's programmes are tailored to meet your specific needs. We have four stages of detailed customisation process that ensures relevant content delivered specifically to you organisations requirements


This is our basic level of customisation where content is derived from combining existing QSA material for our client's needs. The course content is compiled from topics listed in the Subject Areas from our publicly available courses.

Data Integration

At this level of customisation we incorporate as much of our client’s data into the training exercises.

Best Practice Standards

This customisation offers the incorporation of our client's configuration settings and preferred best practices into the training material to allow staff to 'hit the ground running' after training is complete, There is also comparison with what international best practice standards are in place for benchmarking purposes.

Ideal state model

At this level we incorporate our client's company business models into the training material so users are immediately exposed to the proper best practices they should be using in their daily work. This results in accurate and reusable designs while enhancing productivity, Unique In this top level of customisation, we develop completely new training materials creating a truly customised curriculum for our client geared toward their needs.